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What is the registration link to register a new team?

Head to

Search for your local affiliate or even type in your postcode in the search box and go from there.

How many players do i need to register?

You need 3 females and 3 males on the field at once. The minimum we require is 4 females and a minimum total of 9 in the team.

We recommend you register at least 5 females and 5 males so you have subs and cater for people that may be away each week. Registrations won't be processed until payment is made.

How much does it cost to register?


discount codes available for families of four or individuals playing on two nights

Where do i get tops from?

K-Mart - Breathable top at about $8 per top - numbers from Degrandi (ask at the front desk).  (local supplier) (about $10 each)


How do I contact you?

Email us on, Fill out the contact us form at the bottom of this page or message us on Facebook (Geelong Touch).

When does the season start?

The summer season starts on the second Monday in October  for the A/B grade and the second Wednesday in October for the family grades. You can play in one competition or both. 


The winter season starts in late April / early May.

How can I get a team to play in?

You can try and find one yourself by coming to one of our social days on Sundays leading up to the season and asking around, or you can email us on and ask us to find you a team. Please let us know which night you would like to play on (Monday or Wednesday).

What times are the games?

Games are played Monday and Wednesday during one of the following timeslots (6:15, 7:05pm and 7:50pm).

During Winter, the games will be played at 6:15, 7:05, and possibly 7:55 if we need to.

Is there training?

Most teams don't train, as this is very much a social game. Most teams turn up 10 minutes before their game, play and then go home. This makes it easy for your busy lives as you can leave the house and be home just over an hour later.

Are there opportunities to play more touch other than my game?

Players are allowed to fill in for another team if they don't already have any subs (providing the opposition captain agrees). Most of our referees are players that ref before or after their match. They get paid to referee, which is great as you get paid to exercise. If you want to become involved with refereeing, then send us an email and we will guide you through the process. We also organise Geelong teams to play in several other tournament each year, therefore there are pathways to improve and participate more often.

Where are games played?

We play all our games at King Lloyd Reserve in Newtown.

I haven't played before and am nervous about playing?

Don't worry, there are always new people giving it a go and it is very easy to learn. Your team mates and the opposition will often be teaching you as you go. It's a very social game, so you will find it easy to learn. Ask plenty of questions to people like your team captains, referees, committee members etc. Feel free to email us as we are happy to help to ensure you have fun and learn!

Can I register a new team?

We love to see lots of new teams registering. Teams need 9 players to register, with a maximum of 14 people playing in each game.

We recommend you have 5 males and 5 females (or a mix of 5 that contain juniors aged 9-13, men over 60 and females).

This allows you to have a couple of subs each which will be needed.  Juniors aged under 14 at the start of the competition count towards the female requirement on the field). Even if you are a fit team, people are always away on holidays, sick, busy with work, injured etc and you will need those extra subs. Teams that sub regularly (every couple of minutes) often go much better as they can run out the game well and don't tire towards the end of the game.

How do i register individually?

Go to and search for your team name in the search box to register individually.

What night should I play on?

You can play either night. We usually recommend you start with Wednesday nights (Family division) but it really doesn't matter which night you play on. Monday's are more competitive and Wednesday is more of a family competition with more younger kids running around.

Should i ask a family member, a work mate, or a friend to play as well?

Absolutely! Create your own team of family and friends, or get a friend to play with you. We should usually be able to find both of you a team (if it's before the season starts). We can still find you a team to play in during the middle of the season. We also encourage you to come down and ask around, or just fill in for a game as teams are always looking for a fill in.

I have been injured. How do i make a claim?

Contact Sportscover on 1300 134 956 or on

They will guide you through the process. 

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