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Our summer competitions will begin on Monday the 9th of October 2023.
Team registrations are now open on Touch Football Australia website.
Look for the DoorDash Geelong Summer label.

Once the team captain has registered the team, individuals can then register to the team following below link:

We have moved back to individual player fees, with a structure as per below:

Total Fees Paid including TFA and TFV Fees

All teams need to have 9 players registered to start the season. please reach out if you are looking for new players or a looking to get into a team.

All teams need to be registered by 1st October 2023, so we can finalise the draws.

Please make sure everyone is wearing the same tops by week 5 of our competition.
Team captains should check with the association president for team shirts to ensure we minimise teams clashing.
You can buy tops from the following places; (local supplier)
K-Mart - Breathable top at about $8 per top - numbers from Degrandi (ask at the front desk). (local supplier)

You need to be 9 years old to play on Wednesdays and 12 years old to play on Mondays.

Boys aged 9-13 get to play as a girl on the field, along with men over 60.

You need 3 males and 3 females on the field at one time. It is recommended you have at least 10 people in your team to allow for subs and people being away.

You can ask one male and one female to fill in providing you don't have any other subs and providing the opposition captain agrees to this. This needs to be done before you start the match. If the opposition captain thinks it is unfair to have a specific player fill in, then they are allowed to ask you to ask someone else.

We have a Geelong Touch Fill in Group on Facebook that you can join and put requests out for fill in players.

For any other information, please visit our Facebook page (Geelong Touch Football Association) or for more general information, please visit our website at

Questions can be sent via our Facebook page or to

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