We recommend mixed teams of 10 people. Each team requires at least 4 females and a minimum group of 9, but the preferred mix is 5 females and 5 males. 


Each team has 3 males and 3 females (or juniors under 14 at the start of the competition) on the field at once. You need to be 9 years old to play on Wednesday nights and 12 years old to play on Monday nights.

Juniors aged 9-13 and adults over 60 years old count towards the 'female' requirement of 3 females on the field at once.

We have a player fill in group on Facebook that can be found here. 

Our Facebook page can be found by searching for Geelong Touch. www.

Fees are set at $135 for adults and $80 for juniors under 19 per season (Monday and Wednesdays). The junior program fee will be free (Friday nights).

We hold a few come and try days on the Sunday afternoons before the start of our competition that gives new players a chance to give it a go. 

People interested in playing on both nights in summer can email and request a discount voucher after they register for the first night. The discount voucher can be used to reduce the second night fee by 50% when registering for the second night.