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Please click the Donate button above to support our clubroom upgrade project.

Geelong Touch Football Association, in combination with Newtown City Hockey Club and the Murgheboluc Cricket club are fundraising for the upgrade of our club rooms at King Lloyd Reserve.


We are currently seeing some large growth in members, which is currently standing at over 800 between the three clubs at King Lloyd Reserve.


We have recently received funding for the floodlights from the Government and had to contribute the best part of our savings on this project. We are unsure that we will be able to receive further government funding without a significant additional co-contribution.


We need to be able to support our members by providing safe facilities, that include female change rooms (as we currently have over 300 female members combined),

a larger social area to enable our clubs to conduct functions and allow our members to connect with each other, provide extra storage space and build a new kitchen and working areas to cater for our members now and well into the future.


Currently there are times that men and women have to share the change room and toilet facilities, which is simply not safe and make the women feel uncomfortable. We cannot hold functions in the small space that the club room currently has, the kitchen is very small and doesn't meet our needs and there is a requirement for more storage space.


Our clubs are currently in a growth phase, introducing new programs such as female only programs, junior programs and family competitions. The age of our members are spread fairly evenly between the ages of 6 and 70 and a club room upgrade would help attract new members along with providing the existing members with a safe and comfortable space that will boost mental and physical health through additional exercise and social outings.

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